The Preservation Process

Flowers are placed in a freeze-dry machine and the temperature is brought below freezing. A vacuum is placed on the chamber and the moisture is turned into a vapor. After the moisture is slowly extracted, the temperature is gradually increased over a number of days. When removed from the machine, the flowers are thinly coated with a chemical to seal out moisture and add durability.

The freeze-drying process keeps shrinkage to an absolute minimum. Depending on the flower, colors will deepen slightly. Some greenery does not preserve well; therefore, we reserve the right to replace greenery with silk upon approval from customer.

Some kind of framing or enclosing of the arrangement is highly recommended to keep out dust and humidity. If not enclosed from those elements, your arrangement may not even last a few years. Sealed virtually airtight in a frame, your arrangement should stay beautiful, dry and dust free for decades.

Allow one month for freeze-dry processing and an additional one to two months for framing assembly. Finished products must be picked up within two weeks of completion call.